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Royally Crushed

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Royally Crushed : by Niki Burnham [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Royally Crushed : by Niki Burnham - Royally Crushed, Royally Crushed A sweet and sparkly romantic comedy about finding your prince True love isn t only in fairy talesWhen Valerie s parents split up and she has to move to a tiny European country called Schwerinborg she

  • Title: Royally Crushed
  • Author: Niki Burnham
  • ISBN: 9781442406483
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Royally Crushed : by Niki Burnham, Royally Crushed, Niki Burnham, Royally Crushed A sweet and sparkly romantic comedy about finding your prince True love isn t only in fairy talesWhen Valerie s parents split up and she has to move to a tiny European country called Schwerinborg she s pretty sure her life is over That is until she meets Georg He s smart sweet and unbelievably cute And even better he s a prince But with Georg under so much presA sweet and spar

Royally Crushed

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Royally Crushed : by Niki Burnham [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Royally Crushed : by Niki Burnham - Royally Crushed, Royally Crushed A sweet and sparkly romantic comedy about finding your prince True love isn t only in fairy talesWhen Valerie s parents split up and she has to move to a tiny European country called Schwerinborg she Royally Crushed

  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Royally Crushed : by Niki Burnham
    378Niki Burnham
Royally Crushed

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  1. I m presuming that Royally Crushed was supposed to be ridiculous and over the top That is, after all, given in the premise It s quite difficult to take seriously that an American girl will somehow catch the eye of a European prince just because she happens to live in the palace with him Yes, the premise itself seems to be full of ridiculousness, seeming to scream Don t Take This Seriously At the same time, I did expect a certain somethingThe Plot Val s parents are splitting up, and Val is going [...]

  2. When I first saw the book title, I totally thought it was going to hurt my heart Once I started reading it, I realized that I was soo wrong and completely enjoyed the story.It starts off with Valerie getting her life turned upside down when her perfectly matched parents tell her that they are getting divorced I won t say why, as you ll find out in the first chapter It deals with a controversial subject, but the way it s introduced makes you laugh and feel what Valerie is feeling.Since her father [...]

  3. I loved this book because it was one of those quick reads that was cute and entertaining The book was written as three Royally Jacked, Spin Control, and Do Over , but ended up being combined into Royally Crushed I would deffinetly suggest this to a girl who is into light hearted and somewhat comical books.I loved how the book was written like Valerie was speaking to me and recounting what happened because, while I didn t always know the whole story because I could only see into Val s mind, it so [...]

  4. To sum my feelings up My 20 year old self enjoyed this on behalf of my 14 year old self I first read the first two novels in this bindup when they were originally released as solo novels around the time I was 14 I enjoyed them a whole lot They were beachy and fluffy and cute and all about falling in love for the first time Now that i m 20 and have been in love, with someone who is NOT a prince c mon like that s ever really going to happen, apart from Will and Kate I know first love is all encomp [...]

  5. This was cute Some language, but pretty clean There was a whole political element in it that sort of bothered me, but she never took a super strong stand, mostly just tried to explore how a teenager might be viewing it She did send the message that people with conservative beliefs are a bit brainwashed instead of open minded But the romance and character and plot were cute This book is actually all 3 of the books in the series all combined, which was good because of my main complaint about her b [...]

  6. Eh, this book is like WAY TOO LONG So if you are like me, and are bored out of your mind on one of those hot, seemingly endless summer days, go ahead and read it It made me laugh a few times, but the romance is like way not there, and the main girl bugs annoys me Also, something else that totally ticked me off was the fact that on the cover, the girl is like some totally hott like Hawiian chick, and in the book she is a pasty, pale, chubby redhead who stuffs her face with McDonald s all the time [...]

  7. I definately give this book five stars I was bored with Karen Kingsburys book ever after whike I was at my friends house whom I swap books with at least once a week I decided to pick it up it looked like a book that would last me a whileturns out I read it in one day It was so sweet so cute yet frustrating at times I really would encourage anyone to read this book who is just in the mood for a good love story that is simple and cutez

  8. Very cute book with a very cute storyline Much of it was superficial, however I did like how Val s character began to develop towards the second book It was kind of hard to see how Valerie struggle with coming to terms with her parents attempts at happiness but, slowly she begins to make an effort to bond with her parents significant others if for no other reason than to make her parents happy I wasn t very fond of the whole political side of the story David and his father left a bitter taste in [...]

  9. I enjoyed this breezy teenage romance Who doesn t enjoy reading about an ordinary girl falling for a prince It was a great change of pace from the intense books I typically read Once again, YA never disappoints

  10. This is a bind up of the Royally Jacked series and includes all 3 books Royally Jacked, Spin Control, and Do Over They follow Valerie Winslow who s parents have just split up She is given the choice to either stay in Virginia and move in with her mother and her new girlfriend yes THAT kind or to move all the way to a tiny European country most people don t even know exists Her father has just been reassigned as the King s new protocol expert in Schwerinborg and invites her to go with him Neither [...]

  11. Maybe I just had low, nostalgic expectations the first novel I ever wrote had a similar premise or maybe some feel good literature was exactly what I needed this week Either way, I was very pleasantly surprised.A lot of my strife with contemporary YA comes down to my struggle to identify with characters whose interests and grammar choices clash with mine And while Val s voice did often seem shallow, there was a surprising depth to the ridiculousness of her situation She reacted exactly right sel [...]

  12. Well, I finished this book a lot earlier then I thought I would And there is a reason for that this book is fairly easy and straightforward I did like it the stories, and they were pretty cute, if simple I was glad that I read this version with all three stories together If I had read them separately, I would not have been satisfied due to the length and overall lack of action The one downside to this was that there was a LOT of re cap I realize that this had to do with the fact that I was essen [...]

  13. Royally Crushed Simon Pulse 2011, pp 624, 49.99Niki Burnham ISBN 1442406488 Valerie had a choice between choosing who she would like to live with and she chooses her father Her parent got divorced because her mother met Gabrielle and realized that she had been living her life as a lie and that she likes females Valerie told her friends about the divorced but not the reason why She moves to a tiny European country called Schwerinborg because his father had to change his job for awhile and now, he [...]

  14. 3.5 stars to Royally Crushed, a tome made up of the novels Royally Jacked, Spin Control and Do Over Valerie is your every girl, who just so happens to wind up moving to a small country in Europe due to her parents divorce caused by her mother s recent self discovery that she s a lesbian Her father finds a job in the palace, which of course means that Valerie meets Prince Georg no E pronounced like the Captain in the Sound of Music, which is a reference used in the book Some people aren t impress [...]

  15. I love stories of ordinary people falling in love with royalty so when I saw this at the store the other day, I immediately picked it up However, I felt slightly let down while reading it Though the main character does fall in love with the prince, its completely out of the blue, making it seem so unbelievable And yes, any story with this plot would be unbelievable What I mean is that I really think the author should have taken time to develop the relationship between the two leads before makin [...]

  16. After Prince William and Catherine Middleton got married, Barnes and Noble was going CRAZY with selling books having to do with princes England boarding school etc and I happened to see this book Royally Crushed is actually three books on the series bound into one Royally Jacked Spin Control Do Over so it was really fun to read this series as a whole instead of waiting for the next book to come out Overall, I really enjoyed this book It was a fun read and I really enjoyed reading about Valerie s [...]

  17. I m halfway reading this book and frankly speaking I m BORED The premise is not new An American Girl why is it always an American falls in love with a European Prince I picked out this book hoping that it would be another Georgia Nicholson but this one pales in comparison I wasn t laughing when I read the book and the heroine was so whiny and bratty a combination that really turns me off The Prince s character was a cut board cut out a well educated Prince with good manners sigh how many real li [...]

  18. I need to stop grabbing teen books in hopes that maybe just maybe it ll be good this time It was a cute book but a bit ridiculous I felt like the girl having a gay mother was meant to just fill in some kind of agenda What was her purpose in the book other than breaking up marriage with a guy and causing her daughter to move halfway around the world You could create Val s situation with just the dad s career alone rather than sticking the mom in like that It was weird and random As much as any of [...]

  19. Over all, I really liked this three in one book There were a couple of things that bugged me, however, but when isn t there First, it s Lake Braddock SECONDARY School Not high school I m just saying It was kinda weird reading a book that takes place in my home town I giggled when she talked about Fair Oaks Mall.Second, Georg wouldn t be playing soccer It d be futbol, he lives in Europe.Third, her friends kinda annoyed me in reference to David I mean, they re 15 and who cares Fourth, they sure st [...]

  20. 3.5This was three books in one But I ll review it as one mostly.Issues Something that Valerie did, Georg got over it way to easily I mean, I m super glad they didn t do one of those things the author does when the couple breaks up but everyone knows they are going to get back together The entire plot seemed a little rushed And the ending OMG It jsut freaking ended There was no ending She goes somewhere and the end All the books end like this The political tones were a little much for me, and her [...]

  21. Cute story I enjoyed reading this, but at times I just wanted to be like GET OVER YOURSELF VALERIE but I guess that is a typical 15 year old s point of view behavior I do have to agree disagree with a couple of points other people made First being that there really was no definitive ending It ends on an email between her and one of her friends On the one hand, while Georg had no flaws and that showcases a bad example to all the teenage girls of what guys his age are really like, I did enjoy him [...]

  22. Valerie s parents are getting a divorce and so she moves with her father to a tiny country in Europe Where she meets the prince and becomes his girlfriend.Why I started this book On sale for the Nook, and it looked like a fun, light, Princess Diaries read a like.Why I finished it I m slightly older than the targeted audience, so I did roll my eyes a time or two Of course, when I was a teen, I would have never read something this princessy I wanted my heroines to kick butt So this would be a perf [...]

  23. I have had this on my to read list forever and found it for a dollar at the library sale so yay for that I didn t realize this was three previously published books re released as one but it worked out, aside from a lot of repeating of things I liked the premise and I liked Valerie and Georg, and her dad, but her friend Jules irritated the shit out of me I think this book had a lot of humor which is always a good thing and the characters were relatable.

  24. Okay, this book was great It honestly made me laugh out loud with some things that were said, and in result, my parents asked my what was so funny while giving me a weird look x It was crazy how realistic the characters were, and I loved that about that story Let me just say, Georg, sounds pretty darn amazing Is there a certain place where guys with that kind of personality hang out If so, sign me up

  25. So I read this in 24 hours It was an extremely easy read and for the most part, very entertaining The writing was like something an everyday teen s It made the author very believable in that aspect I thought the part about her mom was a wonderful twist to get the story going, but this still is considered a fairy tale by me because of the dream come true factor Who wouldn t want to fall in love with a handsome, charming prince

  26. This was one of those 3 books in 1 This is the second book I ve read like this and I have to admit that I get frustrated with the repeat of information when starting book 2 and then again when starting book 3 For what it s worth I think that if a writer is going to combine 3 books together couldn t an editor at least take out the repeat information Ok so that is my rant The stories were quick fun reads without much substance aimed at the younger YA group.

  27. I m actually really interested in this book or books Call me shallow but I wouldn t have been had I not seen this new cover the old covers give a juvenile impression upon the book I think this book would be super sweet and fun, and EASY TO READ One thing I love about fluffy books is that you can still pick it up after a long day because the words don t just blur together as it would if you were reading say a fantasy.

  28. I got this book with the hope that it would be a breezy summer read, so I went in with no expectations except summery enjoyment The only strong feelings about it that I had was that it didn t really end, it just stopped Thank goodness I didn t have to deal with that problem separately for each book, but still I was surprised when I turned the page to continue reading and there was just nothing else It was a fine book if you don t go in hoping for a literary masterpiece.

  29. I bought the book 1 2 when I was a teenager It was actually a random buy I didn t know it s a series so I was lucky to buy both I love it back then and now that I reread it, I would still say that I love it I m glad to find the book 3 now This is a fluffy cheesy book It s a modern fairytale with happy ending for teenagers The author really knows how to write in the voice of a teenager I admire her for it.

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