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The Haunted E-book

✓ The Haunted E-book ✓ J.L. Bryan ✓ The Haunted E-book ✓ J.L. Bryan - The Haunted E-book, The Haunted E book Dee escapes her dreary librarian job and unfaithful boyfriend by reading romance and fantasy on her Kindle She tries The Haunted E book the story of a th century tramp printer whose ghost awakens w

  • Title: The Haunted E-book
  • Author: J.L. Bryan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Kindle Edition

✓ The Haunted E-book ✓ J.L. Bryan, The Haunted E-book, J.L. Bryan, The Haunted E book Dee escapes her dreary librarian job and unfaithful boyfriend by reading romance and fantasy on her Kindle She tries The Haunted E book the story of a th century tramp printer whose ghost awakens whenever someone reads a book he created The ghost stalks his readers and threatens them with death if they stop reading the book Though she doesn t usually like ghost storiDee escap

The Haunted E-book

✓ The Haunted E-book ✓ J.L. Bryan ✓ The Haunted E-book ✓ J.L. Bryan - The Haunted E-book, The Haunted E book Dee escapes her dreary librarian job and unfaithful boyfriend by reading romance and fantasy on her Kindle She tries The Haunted E book the story of a th century tramp printer whose ghost awakens w The Haunted E-book

  • ✓ The Haunted E-book ✓ J.L. Bryan
    308J.L. Bryan
The Haunted E-book

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  1. Firstly let me say that I don t usually read horror I live alone with my 4 year old son and I have a very vivid imagination So why, you might ask, did I choose to read The Haunted E Book Curiosity That s it The title intrigued me so much I just had to see what it was about and you know what curiosity did to the cat So yes, this book freaked me out just a little, but that s what horror books are supposed to do, right The story starts with a character reading about another character reading the sa [...]

  2. First off let me say this book is available on paperback, but come on, you have to read it electronically to get the full fear factor This book will take you on a ride It jumps around with stories, within stories within stories It s a mirrored effect of people reading about people reading the book Dee is the main character, living in a small town with a loser boyfriend She works as a librarian but is held back by a mixture of her color and being an outsider in town She moved there because of ary [...]

  3. For most of us, delving into a book is an escape, a temporary break from the mundane things that make up our reality It can be a trip to another time, another place, another dimension, another reality But can it also be something Can something as innocent as reading truly unleash an evil, unlike anything you could possibly imagine If asked, I would say no, that reading is simply a journey from life But after reading The Haunted E book I would have to question that answer I love a book that spoo [...]

  4. The Haunted Ebook will grab you and not let go I do not read horror books for the sole reason that they scare me Yes, i am a big baby and i get spooked easily The Haunted Ebook had me looking over my shoulder and i had to keep reading, lest Jonah come and kill me The book takes place in modern times, With our main character being a librarian named Dee One day Dee gets bored or her horrible romance story and decides to pick up a horror book instead She then samples The Haunted Ebook, and her life [...]

  5. Reading is the finest route that someone can take to briefly escape from the nagging sound of reality A journey that an avid readers willingly walk through in order to get to another world where he or she no longer needs to be the player but settle for a role as a mere observer Though what if this supposedly short journey morphs into a winding nightmare that one cannot disembark from What if during that journey, you unleash something that could torment your life and those that you love That is w [...]

  6. Entire review by me and OnePushyFox on BewitchedBookworms bewitchedbookworms 201 I don t get creeped out by horror novels or movies Blood and guts Serial killers and zombies galore Snore When I read the book description, I first thought it sounded like that movie where if you watch the videotape some creepy, dirty chick comes out of your television to kill you After I read about a quarter of The Haunted E Book, I knew this story was nothing like that craptastic movie.The main character is Dee, a [...]

  7. Wow Just WowI somehow found my way to J.L s Blog the other day, where I read about this book s blog tour I checked out a couple of links, reading interviews and such, and I found myself liking the hilarious interviews and just the general banter that the author supplied Though it isn t true for all books, typically when I like the flow the author has in real life I like the way they write as well This was no exception The haunted e book was everything you wan in a horror book There was suspense, [...]

  8. One of the reason I enjoy horror books, movies is that your suspension of disbelieve doesn t end after the story is finished After a good scare, you still check under the bed, sleep with the lights on, and have nightmares The Haunted E Book was no exeption Sure, there was a little bit of gore, but it was the characters and storytelling that made this book rate high on the scary meter This was the first book I ve ever read where I actually felt like I was actually a part of the story I actually f [...]

  9. Creepy with a capital C is what this book is But also fantastic I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN, and in no small part because I was so freaked out by the idea that ol Numberface was going to come after me YIKES I ll be posting my full review on Bewitched Bookworms soon with Heather but I just had to say, once again, Mr Bryan hits it out of the park EXCELLENT JOB Go read it nowif you dare

  10. Never before have the words Read any good books lately chilled me Once you ve reached the end of this text, you ll be even creeped out than you were before You ll always have a sense of foreboding after you start reading e books on your e readers, as well Even if you use a device other than the Kindle, which I do To read the full review, go here.

  11. Rating 4.5 out of 5It s a great feeling when you come across an idea you haven t seen before, isn t it I mean, we ve all read stories of haunted houses, haunted cars, even haunted people but a haunted ebook I mean, think about it for a second even the term didn t exist ten years or so ago.Which makes the appropriately titled The Haunted E Book, written by J.L Bryan of Jenny Pox fame, the first of its kind This is a primacy that all writers yearn for but very few achieve On to the story.Dee is a [...]

  12. You will shiver and never look at your own skin the same way again after taking in this creepy tale of the 19th century and Kindle conjuncture.OK so I agreed to review The Haunted E book for JL Bryan Being a person who s interest lies in the paranormal I was than happy to give it a read I start to read about Dee, a girl who has a sort of a life, but then starts reading a book on her Kindle also called The Haunted Ebook So I start chugging along through the first few chapters Hmm, OK so then I f [...]

  13. I recently won an electronic copy or J L Bryan s The Haunted E Book in exchange for a review I have been a fan of horror since my first encounter at the age of nine, when my parents bought me The Complete Short Stories of Edgar Allen Poe Alongside Poe, I grew up with Stephen King, Peter Straub, and John Saul I ve never really been actually scared but the deep psychological thrillers always seemed to pique my interest I hadn t been reading horror for quite some time now as Sci Fi, Fantasy, and ch [...]

  14. THE HAUNTED EBOOK by J.L Bryan presents an interesting conundrum for the average reader On the one hand, the plot is not much deeper than the average Nightmare On Elm Street movie, or at least the first installment of that series We get the origin of Jonah and establish his modus operandi.We also get the Exceptional Female Heroine, who is just a bit brighter than Jonah s average victims and will present a challenge worthy of taking him out of his killing ways So from a plot structure standpoint, [...]

  15. The story is about Dee who is a librarian by profession Dee s life is somewhat nonexistent except for a crappy boyfriend, her passion in books and the library, and her cat One day Dee reads a horror book, a genre which she doesn t really read, and it changed her life entirely and not in a good way.The Haunted E book is a story about an obsessed killer during the 19th century who kills people out of his passion for writing As Dee reads the story, strange things are happening not only with the boo [...]

  16. J.L Bryan s The Haunted E Book can easily be described as a deplorable tale, full of horror, gore, sex and gratuitous behavior At times these elements play very well into the horror genre, but at times they seem forced and unnecessary in the progression of the novel Also, the whole story within the story feature is something I ve always found interesting and I found it interesting in the case of this book as well I like tracking two stories to the point of their intersection, and it was the need [...]

  17. I am happy to support J L Bryan with the release of his newest publication, The Haunted E book Jeff is currently promoting his new novel with a book blog tour, offering fabulous prizes including print and eformat copies of The Haunted E book, The Haunted Library and a Kindle WiFi You will have an opportunity to enter for several prizes both today and tomorrow on Book d Out.Jenny Pox, published last year, has been a hit with a rare cross appeal offering something for both the mature and young adu [...]

  18. I won an electronic copy of this in exchange for a review The writing is a bit clunky and it could have been smoother, but as a whole the idea behind it is one that has been done before It was nice though to see the idea flushed out via a kindle to make us e book readers set down whatever we re reading the book with to take a look at our surroundings to make sure someone else is at least in the house with us I know I did I have to admit the bits of sex scenes rather made me roll my eyes and felt [...]

  19. I bought this book for my Kindle partly because I liked Jenny Pox by the same author and also because I liked the blurb on the back.I m kind of picky when it comes to pure horror in books I don t find it entertaining that often, but I found myself liking the characters in this book Some of the scenes were incredibly gory and disturbing and there was one scene in particular that creeped me out completely book virus, for those of you who have read it.The dipping between characters wasn t as confus [...]

  20. I, too, won a copy with a request to write a review I read this about 3 weeks ago on vaction and don t remember the sex scenes that were mentioned by a couple of other reviewers Maybe I had an earlier version or they just weren t memorable as either good or bad to me I also don t recall the editing being poor enough to note it.Truthfully, this would have been a DNF if I hadn t felt an obligation to write a review I found the start to be quite slow, but it picked up in the last 40% I also found t [...]

  21. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book Initially I thought it sounded a little predictable but I was interested in how the author would develop the story.At the beginning I found myself a little lost in which story I was reading but after a few chapters, I got the hang of it I did take time to stop on occasion and straighten out the order of each of the sub stories in the book.Although I was confused a few times, I thought this was an interesting way to present this book It a [...]

  22. I just couldn t put this book down although I felt there was way too much gratituous gore, sex, and violence The writing style reminded me of the old pulp horror stories of the 1960s and 70s A better editing job on the numerous grammatical errors would have greatly improved the reading experience.That being said, I loved the concept of a story within a story within a story Although I had no problem following the story, I could see where it might be confusing for some The idea of finding a book, [...]

  23. The Haunted E Book by JL Bryan was indeed a very unique story It follows Dee, a librarian, who is tired of reading the same old romance novels She decides to purchase a horror novel and begins reading it on her Kindle Unbeknownst to her she is reading a story within a story Because of this, it started to get a little confusing bouncing back and forth The creepy guy with the teeth will forever haunt me Overall, if you like horror novels and this had some gruesome parts in it , give it a try.

  24. A bit too gruesome, not worse than Jason or Hannibel Lecture movies, this book definitely started picking up aroind 200 pages in, if you stick with it until there you get of a feel for the way the characters are reading about each others nightmarish lives It didn t scare me so much as gross me out and I honestly lost interest in it around pg 480 I may go back to it I was looking forward to reading Jenny Pox by this author, so I hope those books are better.

  25. Very clever book Though a serious horror at times, it had some delightfully funny parts too, like when she calld customer service to find out what was wrong with her kindle device LOL That cracked me up I thought the book was very well written and searched the author to find others of similar nature.Read this one

  26. This book will get under your skin and fast and you ll find that whether you believe the implied threat that to stop reading is to invite death, you just can t leave this story alone.Read the full review here.

  27. This book by J L Bryan is an interesting read and very unusual book The plot is out of this world in that it involved the haunting of an e book story The characters are interesting and believable and for those who like horror books, this one will be one they will be happy to read I am glad I did.J Robert Ewbank author John Wesley, Natural Man, and the Isms

  28. This book isn t for the faint of heart It s very creepy and has a very scary character that terrorizes the others This is almost like a book within a book within a book Even with the twists in this novel, it s still easy for the reader to follow what s going on This is a great story and will keep you reading into the dead of nightif you dare.

  29. I loved the idea of this book how the characters were interwoven and played in one another s stories The only thing that dropped it a star for me was that there were times when I felt things just dragged on a bit This wasn t a bit problem, though thus the 4 star rating.

  30. Just as the book says I don t usually read books with blood and gore but I can t seem to put it down The book was awesome I kept waiting for my kindle to chime at me when I wasn t reading thankfully it never did

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