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[PDF] Shattered | by ↠ Karen Robards [PDF] Shattered | by ↠ Karen Robards - Shattered, Shattered While investigating the cold case disappearance of a baby girl years earlier attorney Lisa Grant begins to believe that she herself was the missing toddler That makes Lisa s life a lie and whoeve

  • Title: Shattered
  • Author: Karen Robards
  • ISBN: 9780451233547
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Shattered | by ↠ Karen Robards, Shattered, Karen Robards, Shattered While investigating the cold case disappearance of a baby girl years earlier attorney Lisa Grant begins to believe that she herself was the missing toddler That makes Lisa s life a lie and whoever erased the truth isn t through with her


[PDF] Shattered | by ↠ Karen Robards [PDF] Shattered | by ↠ Karen Robards - Shattered, Shattered While investigating the cold case disappearance of a baby girl years earlier attorney Lisa Grant begins to believe that she herself was the missing toddler That makes Lisa s life a lie and whoeve Shattered

  • [PDF] Shattered | by ↠ Karen Robards
    145Karen Robards

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  1. 4.25 5I must admit, I was pretty hesitant to pick up Shattered considering the author s other books I ve read have been a bit hit or miss Therefore, I didn t expect much from this one, but to my surprise, it kept me entertained from start to finish I enjoyed both main characters, especially Scott Yeah, love me some brooding yet caring and protective heroes The romance between Scott and Lisa was great I liked it The push and pull that took up almost half of the book made perfect sense to me and I [...]

  2. 3.75 stars for me Major spoilers in this review Like many authors, Karen Robards has gone from historical romance to writing romantic suspense although she does still write some historicals She s had some hit and misses with her RS books I ve enjoyed the last couple she s put out and have to add this one to that list.In some of her previous RS books I felt the romance was not as important as the mystery It was almost the opposite in this book, which I enjoyed.Our H h, Scott and Lisa, have known [...]

  3. This was an easy book that rolled along for me as at a good pace My only complaint is that it was too much bodice ripper and not enough mystery I listened to this book on CD in my car and it took me time than had I read it This is the kind of book I enjoy while riding in the car, a light, easy to follow romantic thriller The mystery was intriging even though I instantly knew how the story was going to evolve While researching some cold case files, Lisa Grant, assistant reviewer to D.A Scott Buc [...]

  4. Rating 2.5 5I ve been reading Karen Robards since not long after I started reading romance She has some really great romantic suspense books, but unfortunately, her last few books have been subpar, in my opinion And honestly, I considered this book her last chance at keeping me reading her new releases Did she win me back Probably not.Summary After lawyer Lisa Grant loses her job when the firm she works for goes belly up, she decides to return to her hometown of Lexington, Kentucky and help take [...]

  5. What a horrible book Boring premise, ridiculous ending with stupid, childish characters Hard to believe the main character is a lawyer Everything was so forced Lisa gets a cold case file, sees the dead woman looks exactly like her and right away she thinks she s adopted that her estranged father is behind it.There s an accident at her house within the first few chapters and again she s wondering if it happened because of the file Are you kidding me By the way, where was the editor The name is Li [...]

  6. I ve read quite a few books by Karen Robards, but I d have to say Shattered didn t top the charts for me I find Robards a very descriptive writer, and while I like authors to set the scene, I find it very cumbersome to read descriptions that last over a page, and describes something that in the end adds no value to how the story plays out Shattered in my opinion falls victim to descriptive filler Many times during the course of reading this story I found myself skimming over the page just lookin [...]

  7. Perfetta miscela di suspense e romance, con personaggi ben delineati e una trama sapientemente sviluppata La Robards molto brava a descrivere lo stato d animo dei protagonisti, lo scorrere della vita quotidiana nella quale, improvvisamente, un imprevisto cambia tutto Il romanzo tiene incollati fino all ultima pagina, in uno stile scorrevole e coinvolgente.

  8. Lisa Grant is banished to the cold case files when she is late for work, and while scanning the old cases into a new system, discovers one of the files contains a photo of a family with a mother who is a dead ringer for her Thirty years ago, the family disappeared without a trace Could there be a link to her own family It would certainly seem so she takes the file home with her and that night, the house is set alight The plot then gets thrown away for most of the book as Lisa grapples with her f [...]

  9. When Lisa Grant moves back home to care for her mother, she must take a job as research assistant to the local district attorney, even though she has been a lawyer for a number of years The DA just happens to be a Scott Buchanan whom she s known since they were both children Although she finds him annoying, she is strongly attracted to him While performing research, Lisa discovers a cold case file that has a photo in it of a young woman who looks exactly like her As she starts investigating, let [...]

  10. TBR Challenge 2012 Personal Challenge Shattered has been on my to read list since 2010.I thoroughly enjoyed this romantic suspense by Robards The plotting is well done and I like both main characters The mystery defies solution for most of the book I could almost figure it out, but a few details prove elusive The author does withhold one clue until the end, but it was necessary for the story Robards weaves all the parts of the story together, including the mutual history of Lisa and Scott I like [...]

  11. Oh my God, I loved this book I have read just about all of Karen Robards book and have enjoyed everyone of them Shattered was so freaking good that I was so disappointed when the book endI wanted of it I normally can figure out who done it , but this time I was thrown for a loop So shocked I never would have guessed who and why Great job on this book Karen I was guessing all the way to the end Please check this book out if you like romance, suspense, and above all Karen Robards books

  12. REVIEW OF AUDIO EBOOK MARCH 23, 2015Narrator Susan EricksenWhat a pleasant surprise from an author that has been a hit and miss with me There were niggles, just a couple, so I ll get them over and done with first Lisa, the supposedly hotshot young lawyer with a Boston law firm, now lowly researcher for DA, Scott Buchanan, came across as a bit of a ditz at first, then later, as merely beautiful, rich, trophy wife material She s supposed to be a lawyer from a prestigious Boston law firm yet I didn [...]

  13. spoilers ahead i think my biggest problem with this book is that i never felt like i had a choice in speculating on the connection between lisa and the garcias because from the onset, when strange things started happening to lisa, she immediately connected it with the garcia case when she doesn t even know them or anything about the case except that she looked like themcond problem is that the story focused on the love story between lisa and the guy and the various accidents and attempts on lis [...]

  14. Lisa Grant was a rising star in a law firm in Kentucky But when the firm went bankrupt she lost her job So she came home to care for her ailing mother She took the first job she could find, research assistant to the district attorney But after missing an imortant court date Lisa gets banished to the basement to sort through cold case files But what she expects to be a boring job becomes interesting.When she runs across a missing persons case an entire family disappeared than 28 years ago Except [...]

  15. This was okay My first time reading this author The mystery was intriguing and kept me guessing although you knew generally what was up but there was just enough doubt to not be sure and to keep the reader guessing The romance was hot while at the same time sweet but wasn t real intense There was not a lot of doubt where the relationship was going, not any real big conflict They had always had the hots for each other and when the hero decided to stop running from her a habit from when she was a [...]

  16. This is a really good book You have mystery and romance all rolled into one The Mystery why does Lisa look like the woman in the picture, that is suppose to have come up missing, so much Where did they disappear too Then strange things start to happen to Lisa Her house catches on fire, someone knocks her over the head, someone is following her, and then someone makes her wreak her car The Romance Scott, he s one good looking guy and sexy too He s someone Lisa has know since childhood He was the [...]

  17. OK so I m a truly omnivorous readerI read trash too Robards style is suspense romance, and this one is typical stuff Lovely Kentucky setting with class warfare subplot Murder, intrigue, ambition, and oka couple who don t figure out they re destined for each other until 100 or so pages to goNot sure she set up the final twist carefully enough, but unlike FIGHT CLUB, I won t be re reading this to look for foreshadowinggood summer fare Now I have my guilt pleasure reading for the summer Just wish I [...]

  18. The mystery of this book is not bad, however the CHeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzeeee love story part was a bit much I had to check the book cover a couple of times to see if Fabio was pictured with his hand on some women s breast The sex was hot and steamy, but really was not necessary to move the story along I had to read it than once to be sure I got it right, all the moves ect I also got tired of how often Lisa had cold shivers It really could have been better but then again, I did skip some parts just [...]

  19. Never read Robards before, and unless someone I trust is very convincing in the promotion of another book by the lady, I will never be reading one of her books again This doesn t look like something you d read anyway, you might be thinking True My book group requested it because it takes place in Lexingtoney didn t like it either This was written poorly, the mystery was so so, and the love story was ridiculously stuffed with cheese of the bad sort I consider this time wastedtime that could have [...]

  20. Lisa gets banished to the basement of the DA s office where she finds a picture in a cold case file that looks exactly like her So she investigates a little then danger keeps cropping up around her.The mystery and romance didnt seem to have a smooth balance in this one for me Lisa and Scott were hot together but it just didnt flow with the suspense as much as I had hoped Not my favorite of her books

  21. The theme of this book really intrigued me, and it started off well however, it was filled with foul language, there is an extremely graphic sex scene, and the dues ex machina villain left me severely disappointed.

  22. I really contemplated rating this book 2 2.5 5 stars the ending gave it 3 Overall this book was alright although I do have to say I was disappointed in it When I picked this up, the mystery aspect of the story peaked my interest but I feel as if, as a thriller, it fell flat To me, it seems as if the romance was the main plot to this book Which may have been okay but the romance was terrible Honestly the only thing that kept me reading was I was too curious about the Garcia s and Lisa s connectio [...]

  23. I actually did not finish this book since my loan from the library expired as I was getting to the climax part The 80% of the book I read was just okay I skipped large parts of the narrative because a lot of them were unnecessary The romance was too slow burn then bam, suddenly they re all over each other The heroine annoyed me many times so I wasn t feeling much sympathy with her during the several accidents that occurred The hero was a little bit better.

  24. This novel provided good, fairly safe escape on a rainy day I enjoyed learning how the murder mystery was solved I had questions about some of the plot details but won t spoil the story for other readers by discussing them.

  25. Really like it I was trying to figure out how it probably would end, and was sort of surprised how it turned out I remember listening to Karen Robards audiobooks many years ago, and I knew I like them I will look for other books by this author.

  26. Great book, some parts were predictable but I still enjoyed it I can always count on a fast paced read from her.

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