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↠ Fletch ↠ Gregory McDonald ↠ Fletch ↠ Gregory McDonald - Fletch, Fletch Fletch Irwin Fletcher A down and out beach bum among the drug ridden human wreckage on a sunny California beach Exeept that Fletch is a crack undercover reporter hot on the trail of the most sesationa

  • Title: Fletch
  • Author: Gregory McDonald
  • ISBN: 9780380006458
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback

↠ Fletch ↠ Gregory McDonald, Fletch, Gregory McDonald, Fletch Fletch Irwin Fletcher A down and out beach bum among the drug ridden human wreckage on a sunny California beach Exeept that Fletch is a crack undercover reporter hot on the trail of the most sesational story of his career Fletch Until millionaire industrialist Alan Stanwyk makes him an offer his reporter s instincts won t let him turn down commit a murder collect a saFletch Irwin Fletcher


↠ Fletch ↠ Gregory McDonald ↠ Fletch ↠ Gregory McDonald - Fletch, Fletch Fletch Irwin Fletcher A down and out beach bum among the drug ridden human wreckage on a sunny California beach Exeept that Fletch is a crack undercover reporter hot on the trail of the most sesationa Fletch

  • ↠ Fletch ↠ Gregory McDonald
    362Gregory McDonald

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  1. Fletch, Gregory McDonaldFletch is a 1974 mystery novel by Gregory Mcdonald, the first in a series featuring the character Irwin Maurice Fletcher A millionaire businessman named Alan Stanwyk approaches Fletch to hire Fletch to murder him the man tells Fletch that he is dying of bone cancer and wants to avoid a slow, painful death 2016 1376 248 9649098402 20

  2. Treasure of the Rubbermaids 5 The Underhill AccountThe on going discoveries of priceless books and comics found in a stack of Rubbermaid containers previously stored and forgotten at my parent s house and untouched for almost 20 years Thanks to my father dumping them back on me, I now spend my spare time unearthing lost treasures from their plastic depths.I don t know what it is in the DNA of American males that makes so many of us quote movies incessantly There are certain friends of mine that [...]

  3. Dear Friends I read 141 books last year, however, regretfully, I did not meet my challenge Thus far this year, I ve read nine books including this book, Fletch, published in 1974 Out of all those books, this might be the most entertaining of them all It had the elements I enjoy so much in reading books a mystery great character development a very likable protag who has a multitude of personal issues particularly two ex wives who he owes alimony a respected investigative journalist who is bulldog [...]

  4. The lone man in my book club likes only very dry factual NO speculation history or so I thought It turns out that he likes mysteries, so I asked him to recommend a few, hoping we could find some common ground I really like him, and his partner, Sylvia This was the first book he recommended I did enjoy it it was light, amusing I m surprised, as it wasn t at all what I expected him to like I love finding layers of people that are surprising.

  5. Strange book I don t think it s worn well It s tightly plotted, the dialogue s fun, and it moves right along, but it s one of those books where the main character is just untouchable, you know he can never be beaten, ever, at anything, in any way, he s always right, always, about everything, always, and along the way he s going to put everyone else in their place, especially the women, the pesky women And he does

  6. In Fletch, Gregory McDonald follows a basic setup of many pulp detective novels There s a well heeled client who wants to hire detective, but the job is odd It s suspicious and little by little the detective it s together what s going on Only here instead of a detective, McDonald gives us an irreverent hotshot reporter living like a hippie bum on the Beach with the runaways and drug addicts trying to put together a story working undercover And the client thinks Fletch is a drifter like the other [...]

  7. Fletch is a quick read and completely satisfying as a mystery Gregory Mcdonald skillfully juggles the novel s multiple plots and threads the two main ones together at the end without straining credulity Even 35 years after its publication, Fletch still feels original its main character is a newspaper reporter rather than the typical cop or private investigator, and the book never loses its sense of fun, a quality so often lacking in detective novels Mcdonald s writing style is suitably terse for [...]

  8. I recently caught the classic Chevy Chase movie version of Fletch on cable, which served to remind me that I d never actually read the original source material So, I rushed off to my local library and checked out Fletch The novel itself is pretty much the same basic plot as the film, though there are some differences The big difference is how dialogue driven the novel is Gregory Macdonald tells the story with minimal descriptive paragraphs and instead allows the reader to discover things through [...]

  9. Unscrupulous hero, very funny Really really loved this book.Someone needs to remake its movie now Right now.

  10. This book is rated one of the top 100 mysteries of all time by the Crime Writers of America I can see why It is clean, concise, clever, and funny A gem of a book.

  11. Synopsis blurbFletchHe s an investigative reporter whose methods are a little unorthodox Currently he s living on the beach with the strung out trying to find to the source of the drugs they live for FletchHe s taking than a little flack from his editor She doesn t appreciate his style Or the expense account items he s racking up Or his definition of the word deadline Or the divorce lawyers who keep showing up at the office.FletchSo when multimillionaire Alan Stanwyk offers Fletch the job of a [...]

  12. Recommended for Pulp Fiction lovers not the movie fans of clever and irreverent main characters people not offended by old fashioned patriarchal attitudes.All I knew with regards to this book before reading was the movie that was based on it While reading, my respect for Chevy Chase s charm and comedic talents was refreshed The book is very different from the movie.In the film, Fletch is essentially the same character he s womanizing, reckless, and clever But in the book the classic male aloofne [...]

  13. Fletch introduces Fletch, an investigative reporter who happens to be the types I can relate to Intelligent, cocky, obnoxious, witty and always a step ahead The setup is pretty odd when an industrialist hires Fletch to murder him while Fletch was undercover on the beach to bust a drug racket His attitude oozes out from the very first page Mr McDonald surely knows how to punch in a biting and sarcastic humour with a very real and genuine mystery The book is all about the dialogue There is plenty [...]

  14. This was a quick, fun read that uses snappy dialog effectively The plot is deceptively simple and reading it forty years on, it s a great look back to the early 1970 s Some of McDonald s dialogue would probably get a red lining by today s editors Oh, and for fans of the movie, book Fletch is a smart ass but he s also kind of a jerk There are several instances where he comes across as mean, such as when he throws his ex wife s cat out a window or calls his editor a bitch.

  15. You ve got to like Fletch, the edgy, hard boiled news reporter This story uses lots of twists but our man Fletch is on top of them all Clipped dialogue has flashes of humor Great entertainment The author Gregory Mcdonald who won back to back Edgars recently passed away Bottom line I ll read deeper into the series.

  16. There s nothing quite like discovering a new writer or series for yourself, and I ve got that feeling now that I ve finished Gregory McDonald s Fletch A spare, lean, seedy mystery with lots of laughs amid the squalor, Fletch is one of the entertaining books I ve read in recent memory, and it s got some of the best dialogue I ve read even in non recent memory.Irwin Maurice Fletcher, or Fletch, as he prefers to be called, is a reporter for a California newspaper working on a story about drug traf [...]

  17. Review originally published at BoffoSockoThe book that started it all I d originally read this sometime around 1988 after seeing the Warner Bros feature film of the same name It s not quite as over the top as the comedy of the film and the humor is a little sharper and wrier.For the most part, the plotline of the text is nearly identical to that of the film with a few exceptions mostly relating to names of characters and casting warning spoilers follow The Collins family has been renamed Boyd, l [...]

  18. Alrighty, this book ten point three times than expected One of those rare plot driven AND character driven storiest an easy thing to pull off.It s funny, I picked up this book at the Bibles for Missions, for a whole fifty cents, expecting a comedy I vaguely recalled the Fletch movie with Chevy Chase, picturing a farcical take on a private investigatory, was my memory offfurther, the cover of the book had some blurbs proclaiming it to be the funniest novel in recent history I have to say, after [...]

  19. A lot of people whom I respect seem to like this book I was pretty bored with it though I think the character of Fletch had potential but there were some aspects of his character like him throwing his girlfriend s cat out a 7 story window that I could tell were the author s intention of making the character endearing to the reader but that instead made me dislike him Maybe I m just of a different generation but I don t think that was funny I get it He s sardonic and cynical with the DGAF attitud [...]

  20. I just reread Fletch after probably 20 years of not reading it I have read other titles by Gregory McDonald in that period, but Fletch had gathered dust on my shelves for 20 years Big mistake on my part Coming back after 20 years, this book still stands as one of the best mysteries ever written, period End of story McDonald s snappy dialogue is the best in the business He reveals character and so much just through dialogue Writer, director, and producer Kevin Smith say he learned to write dialo [...]

  21. Entertainment Weekly just wrote about Fletch the movie , raving about how it is totally this cult classic and everyone loves it so much I don t remember loving the movie probably because A I read the books first and B I don t crush on Chevy Chase though now I m willing to watch it again just out of curiosity But what I really wanted to do after reading the article was read the books again OK, I finished it quick This is even fun to read now than it was when I discovered it 20 odd years ago No c [...]

  22. When I was 16, Fletch was everything I wanted to be.He could go anywhere, do anything, and talk his way out of anything.Gregory McDonald taught me how beautiful dialog could be, and I ll never forgive the Chevy Chase movies for cheapening my memories of that beautiful back and forth.To see one of the smartest, most complex characters in fiction reduced to the status of a clown broke my heart I can only hope that the movie brought some people to the book.

  23. I enjoyed the heck out of this book probably not long after it first came out in paperback and scarfed up everything Mr McDonald wrote thereafter The movie with Chevy Chase was a stupid waste did anybody like it , and the quality of the books declined or was it just the novelty , but the original shines in my memory Might have to re read it, just to be sure I wasn t hopelessly naive 30 years ago

  24. I think I ve read this book 25 times and still everytime I open the book get a new love for the writing an Irwin R Fletcher This is the book that I refer to as the best dialogue I ve read At least as a hook It s fast paced, with the right amount of twists and turns that you don t forget what s going on Also you re introduced to the lovable IM Flecther.

  25. loved it, the character of Fletch is fun and intelligent The book is an interesting mystery that twists and turns along the way The book is full of clever film noir hard dialogue and is easily the coolest book I have read this year, can t wait to track down the next book in the series i had put this book off for so long and i have no idea why, not like the movie at all

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