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Double Minds

↠ Double Minds ☆ Terri Blackstock Cassandra Campbell ↠ Double Minds ☆ Terri Blackstock Cassandra Campbell - Double Minds, Double Minds Struggling to succeed in the Nashville music scene talented singer songwriter Parker James finds the competition fierce even deadly A young woman s murder industry corruption and a menacing stalker

  • Title: Double Minds
  • Author: Terri Blackstock Cassandra Campbell
  • ISBN: 9781616576776
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Audiobook

↠ Double Minds ☆ Terri Blackstock Cassandra Campbell, Double Minds, Terri Blackstock Cassandra Campbell, Double Minds Struggling to succeed in the Nashville music scene talented singer songwriter Parker James finds the competition fierce even deadly A young woman s murder industry corruption and a menacing stalker draw Parker into danger and intrigue Nothing is as it appears and unraveling the truth challenges everything Parker believes about her talent her future and her faith

Double Minds

↠ Double Minds ☆ Terri Blackstock Cassandra Campbell ↠ Double Minds ☆ Terri Blackstock Cassandra Campbell - Double Minds, Double Minds Struggling to succeed in the Nashville music scene talented singer songwriter Parker James finds the competition fierce even deadly A young woman s murder industry corruption and a menacing stalker Double Minds

  • ↠ Double Minds ☆ Terri Blackstock Cassandra Campbell
    190Terri Blackstock Cassandra Campbell
Double Minds

441 Comment Double Minds

  1. This book was ok, but may have tried to tackle too many topics along with the suspense Eating disorders, alchoholism, stalking, theft of songs, and the world of music production all presentjust didn t quite handle it all as well as some of her other books If this becomes a series, perhaps, the characters will become lifelike and less like poster children for a cause.

  2. Terri Blackstock is a phenomenal writer I ve read and been captivated by many of her books Her Cape Refuge series is amazing and worth reading multiple times.I must admit, however, that Double Minds fell short of her traditional writing abilities As much as I strove to like and be drawn into the book, it never happened The characters were too basic, the danger element was too mellow, and the story line wasn t intriguing I know not her norm I put the book down multiple times for weeks on end beca [...]

  3. Throughout the first half of this book, I thought it was going to be my least favorite Terri Blackstock book But at some point, it took a deeper turn for me, and I really started to like it a lot .There are some deep themes in this story, and I think Ms Blackstock does a pretty good job of exploring them In the forefront, the question of music for whom is it written, for what purpose Is it for personal glory, fame, or monetary gain Can a Christian make a deal with the devil sign a contract and n [...]

  4. FANTASTIC I usually figure out the who of whodunitsbut I didn t see this one coming at all It was a great story and I loved it, I usually do great stories, great characters and I LOVED the afterward gave me hope for my own journey in this crazy world of writing

  5. I know a lot of people really like Terri Blackstock and I do also, but most of her novels only rate a 3 4 with me They are called suspense, but to me that is a book you cannot put down This was a good book, but not a cannot lay aside so rates a 4 I do like that her books are really christian and clean Was interesting to read the ccm take I loved the protagonist, but had figured the murderer out which I usually cannot do.

  6. Well this book left me a lot disappointedI felt like Terri left a lot of unfinished business in this novel the story line was about a christian music artist who had a talent as a writer yet longed to be a performer A couple murders are scattered throughout the novel with no real point and no resolution at the end.

  7. Love Terry Blackstone books, always a Christian theme coupled with a good mystery I do wish she d consider a seties for some of her characters, not a criticism and it s the worst I can write about her books I audio booked this novel but found her Kindle editions very well edited with correct grammar and vocabulary.

  8. I didn t like this book as well as some of the others she has written, but it was still good The one complaint I have is that the story seemed to suddenly just end there were some loose ends that she didn t really do a great job of tying up.

  9. Whew I can t imagine dealing with all the stress that Parker had to go through It s hard enough dealing with an anorexic friend and trying to make it in the music industry Then an intern at the studio where Parker works is killed, at Parker s desk, during a time when Parker should have been the one there Was she actually the target I didn t suspect view spoiler Marta hide spoiler I liked the honest discussions of Christians and the struggle Parker went through with how to deal with view spoiler [...]

  10. Probably 2.75 stars This was fairly well constructed with a few engaging characters The Nashville CCM scene was a good back drop But there was something missing here, and I can t decide what The main character kept doing things that I would not have done, though it did fit the character Perhaps it was too convenient to have the detective be her brother Or perhaps I just didn t connect with characters or plot early on I did finish without regret, but it just wasn t a great book.The author did cap [...]

  11. One of my favorite things about Terri Blackstock is that when she writes, you KNOW she s a Christian and that the work you are reading was written from the Christian perspective That was definitely the way this book here was Some people might call it preachy, but I enjoyed it thoroughly It was a different storyline for me and I thought it was pretty interesting I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes a good Christian suspense novel Terri Blackstock is one of my favorite author [...]

  12. Terri Blackstock is one of my favorites when it comes to suspense This book however was not one of my favorites.I didn t think the plot was a strong one and the suspense level wasn t as high for me as it has been with other books by her Now, I m not saying the story was bad I actually enjoyed the story and I enjoyed the characters as well I found the character, Parker, very relatable and genuine The reason I m giving this book three stars instead of something higher is the fact that it wasn t as [...]

  13. A compelling suspense of Christian music song writing performing Whiling questioning dreams, future faith a murder takes place on the receptionist desk I was totally floored of the revealing of the killer

  14. Great ReadGreat Christian book with a lot of Action and Drama Takes you into the music industry and how even Christians can be cutthroat.

  15. Good readFollowing the idea of making choices to compromise our beliefs or not A realistic book, relatable characters Recommend this book.

  16. My first Terri Blackstock novel and after years of people telling me I should read her work, I was not disappointed I enjoyed the complexity of the story, I enjoyed the Christian elements and the tying in of scripture to the storyline I like that Ms Blackstock hits upon the idea that what Christians believe tends to be foolishness to the world, because they cannot possibly understand why we do or don t do some of the things we doI liked the idea of introducing the Christian mediator to eliminate [...]

  17. Not my kind of book If I didn t have to read this book for a challenge I probably wouldn t have read it at all I am not a huge fan of Christian Literature, I am glad this kind of literature exists for those who like and want it but it was just too preachy to me The story covers a slew of issues in the music industry and beyond, while trying to roll out a murder mystery Reminds me of an episode of Nashville, not that I have seen that show, but based on commercials and what I have heard I feel lik [...]

  18. DOUBLE MINDS was an enjoyable novel that delved into the darkness of Christian Music The skeletons portrayed in the Christian market seemed to have no limit Murder, betrayal, anorexia, thief, it s all there in its ugliest.Parker James, is a Christian songwriter that waits in the wings while her good friend, Serene, reaches superstardom with the songs Parker has penned Parker works at a recording studio, dreaming of the day when she will be able to record her own music and make a name for herself [...]

  19. Songwriter Parker James is on the brink of seeing her dreams come true Her songs have helped her best friend become a hit Christian singer, but Parker has saved a handful of her best songs for her own debut as a singer But then a young woman is killed while sitting in Parker s desk at the busy recording studio where she works Was the killer really aiming for her Parker can t sit back and let the police handle the investigation when she has an insider s access to the dead girl s friends and famil [...]

  20. I have been a Terri Blackstock fan for many years now It is hard to find Christian fiction that isn t sickeningly sweet and predictable Ms Blackstock writes edgy, suspense driven fiction that I can truly appreciate Double Minds is a story of betrayal, theft, and personal struggle Parker James is a songwriter struggling to make it in Nashville Her songs have been hits for Christian singer Serene but she dreams of standing in the spotlight herself Her world is rocked when a young intern is killed [...]

  21. I enjoyed this book as much for the music environment it takes place in as the mystery and struggles of the story I really enjoyed the song writer sharing her thought process of how she creates and allows the Lord to guide her as she is an instrument in his hand to spread his message It is her struggle of how important this message is and if she is willing to compromise with the world s standards in order to gain fame This message is accomplished without being corny, unreal, or preachy It is a [...]

  22. This is an odd mixture of murder and Christian music Parker is a songwriter with a homicide detective brother When a coworker is killed, her brother investigates, with her nosing in.Parker had an unusual view of her brother she worried he was too incompetent to investigate homicides This is a rarely expressed viewpoint in books, and while interesting, it was not encouraging This was the main reason Parker felt the need to do her own investigating, but it just didn t ring true.The Christian music [...]

  23. The girl standing in for Parker at the music studio is shot when it should have been Parker at the desk For struggling singer songwriter Parker James, the music business has just turned deadly Her desk in the reception area of a busy recording studio has become a crime scene, and Parker finds herself drawn into a mystery where nothing is as it seems Unraveling the truth puts her own life at risk when she uncovers high level industry corruption and is terrorized by a menacing stalker As the dange [...]

  24. The title of this book is related to a song Parker James wrote about her father, Parker is a great song writer and she writes for her best freind Serene whose a starALl Parker wants to do is be a star alsoe does get her chance but Jeff Standard didnt like her Christian music he made sure her a stop was put to her performing at concerts with her best friend Serenebut in the mean something sinister is going on,its being two murders and the first happens right at the studio where she workse murders [...]

  25. Parker James is a writer of Christian songs and sometimes performs as a singer in Nashville A young intern is murdered while sitting at Parker s desk at a recording studio At nearly the same time her best friend, who performs many of Parker s Christian songs, has an opportunity to do a crossover album but it requires rewrites of all the songs Parker and her family are drawn in to the tangled murder investigation.It is evident in the very first chapter that Double Minds is a Christian based myste [...]

  26. I got this read in a couple of hours, while sitting outside and enjoying the unseasonal weather Seems weird to read about murder on a sunny day AnywayThe narrative kept me turning the page, although I had to keep reminding myself that Parker was a female I think the problem was in the name it sounds masculine to me But I certainly wasn t bored.The final reveal of the murderer was a bit confusing, I couldn t see a clear motive Maybe that was the point, given all the sudden information we were gi [...]

  27. Just finished this book and it was really good The book was a great ride of ups and downs, both with emotions from the main Character, Her struggle with doubting whether her Faith and service to God was as selfless and Christian as it should be I loved that others saw Christ in her than she did It s when we think we are great Christians that we start having problems Her humbleness without knowing it was wonderful She truly cared for others and admitted to herself when it hurt to give something [...]

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