Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

We developed a welcoming culture for all our potential customers and existing clients. Our fast responses and immediate assistance from our knowledgeable expert till date, makes us the number one choice in the translation industry. Mostly interested candidates inquire about services and facilities, price and service consultation, which gives an evidence of trust and responsibility of our credible business online.

To get better idea about us, you can venture through the list of frequently asked questions and answers mentioned below:

Where are you based from?

Being a UK based company; Translation AZ has it office at a wide space in London. You can meet us in personal. Our address is: Kemp House 152-160 City Road, London EC1V 2NX .

Does the company provide certified services?

Yes, we are a fully certified translation company. We have accreditation and membership from ATA, NAJIT, ITI & GALA Associations.

Does the document comply with ITI standards?

Yes, Translation AZ has full accreditation from ITI. You can see our membership number and other details from the page.

Why should I go for your services?

Translation AZ is a trusted company since 2009 and we have been carrying the legacy for more than 18 years. We have been delivering positively results since then, and all our services are fully certified and accredited. You can review our feedbacks and past work details from the feedback page.

How to send the documents?

Please send us a scan or photocopy of your document(s) by email at: or by Fax at:+44 0(203)884-1110. Email is preferred as the image is much better.

How to receive the translated document?

After the entire process is done properly, your documents will email back to you. If it has to be delivered by post, then additional shipping and handling charges will be added. All details will be notified to you earlier to avoid any hassles.
In the United Kingdom, most institutions accept electronically signed documents, therefore, in most cases, no original copies are needed. (Please read about Electronic Communications Act 2000:

What will be the minimum turnaround time?

It will take on 1- 2 days to translate a 1-5 pages of document. For more than 5 pages, please feel to contact our service number.

Could you please give me your price details?

Yes, of course! Our pricing varies on the type of document, deadline and number of pages requires. We offer packaged price deals on larger documents with multiple pages and large volume of content. You can enjoy lower price rate, if have ever logged in to our service and been repetitive for many services. Pleas specify how often you intend to use our service. Big discount offers are available for returning customers, please specify of you have ever used our services in the past. Ask for an exact price quote before leaving the page.

How to pay? What type of transactions you offer?

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, BACS. Payment is requested in advance.

Do you have any same-day services criteria?

Yes, if order is placed in the first part of the day. But, additional rush fees will be applied.