Important document translation should always be done by a certified translation company. Documents like legal and medical are very important and need to be accurately translated. There are many certified document translation services, but not all of them are created equal. If you need high quality, error-free and accurate translation, you need to find the right agency first.

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Importance of Certified Translation Service
When you are moving to another country, you may need to show documents like birth certificates, education certificates and various other documents for verification. Likewise, you may need documents for legal or medical purposes. For an effective communication you need to get your documents translated in the target language.

Translation is easy to do, now that you have Google Translate. But, that translation is nowhere near accuracy. Machine translation cannot replace human translation. Certified translation services can help you translate your important documents without errors or omission and render it authentic and acceptable in various offices including government ad courts.

Choosing Certified Document Translation Services
Choosing the right translation agency is essential for an accurate translation of your important documents. So, how do you ensure that the company is eligible for hiring or not?

Here are important pointers to help you find the right company:

Certified from Reputed Organizations
One of the clear signs of a company being authentic is that it’s a member of reputed organizations like ATA, NAJIT, and ITI & GALA Associations. It should also have full accreditation from ITI. You can check the membership number and other details on their website or contact the respective authority to verify. It will hardly take more than few minutes.

Native Speaker
Having certification isn’t enough. There are some other things that need to be verified as well. When it comes to translation, native speakers are the best options. Language is more than just words. It’s culturally bound with words and phrases that are specifically spoken in particular region. Non-native speakers cannot translate your documents as accurately as the native speakers. When you are looking for certified translation services make sure that the translators are native speakers of the languages.

Industry-Specific Translators
Documents are of many kinds. There are legal, medical, business and various others types of documents. It is important that you choose a translator who is industry-expert, a translator specializing in legal translation must have knowledge of the law of that country. It is necessary for accurate translation of your documents.

Years of Experience
Experience matters a lot when it comes to choosing certified translation services for your document translation. Make sure that the translation agency has many years of experience in the field of translation, especially in the field you are looking for.

Finding the right translation agency is very important for getting accurate and high quality translation. Translation AZ offers certified translation services to a wide range of industries and has translators who are native speakers of the language. Contact our project managers for information about our translation services and pricing estimate.

How to Choose a Certified Document Translation Service

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