Notarised Translation UK

Are you looking for notarised translation in the UK? There are several types of translations in the UK; out of which notarised is one of the most important yet often confused one. A notarised translation in the UK involves a declaration from a notary public. It is different from certified or legalised translation in ways more than one. Translation AZ has translators who have experience in working with notaries and know the where and how perfectly.

What is Notarised Translation?

As mentioned above, notarised translation involves a declaration from a notary public. This certification mentions that the translation has been done to the best of the translator’s skills while being accurate and complete. Once the certification is done, the declaration is sent by post from the notary’s office with official stamps. There is only one signed copy when we are talking about notarised translations. In case the documents are lost, there might be a need to re-notarize them. Notarised translations in the UK can involve additional costs depending on what the notary charges.

Qualified and Certified Translators

Translation AZ has certified and qualified translators who are up for the job. Our professional translators are well-versed in the native language as well as English making them a perfect choice for notarised translations. From birth certificates to death certificates and everything in between, we translate and notarise all of it. Our translators are well-versed with the humdrum of a notary and can help you out easily. We are affiliated with ATA, NAJIT, ITI, and GALA. Contact us to know more about notarised translations in the UK.