Notarised Translation UK

Are you looking for notarised translation in the UK? There are several types of translations in the UK; out of which notarised is one of the most important yet often confused one. A notarised translation in the UK involves a declaration from a notary public. It is different from certified or legalised translation in ways more than one. Translation AZ has translators who have experience in working with notaries and know the where and how perfectly.

What is Notarised Translation?

As mentioned above, notarised translation involves a declaration from a notary public. This certification mentions that the translation has been done to the best of the translator’s skills while being accurate and complete. Once the certification is done, the declaration is sent by post from the notary’s office with official stamps. There is only one signed copy when we are talking about notarised translations. In case the documents are lost, there might be a need to re-notarize them. Notarised translations in the UK can involve additional costs depending on what the notary charges.

Translation AZ is one of the leading translation companies in UK offering wide range of translation services including notarised translation in UK. We have been offering notarised translation services in UK for years and know the rules and procedure to help our clients with their requirements.

Why you Need Notarised Translation

People need translation for a number of reasons. But sometimes certified translation alone may not be enough. For translation related to the legal documents, you need to prove that the translation service was qualified and reliable. This is where notarised translation in UK comes in use.

You will need the service of notarised translation to submit to the respective office. Notarised translation requires following of the procedure to the letter. The translated document need to be approved by the notary who is an authorised government official required to oversee legal formalities. The translator needs to declare that the translation has been done with the best of their knowledge and then sign an affidavit. The notary stands as witness to this declaration.

A notarised translation is required when you want to use the document abroad. Usually you don’t need notarised certification inside the UK. The documents are certified by a government appointee and hence carries weight in the other countries. However, you may need to go through additional verification as well depending on the requirement of other countries.

How is Certified Translation Different Than Notarised Translation

Anyone can translate a copy. Certified translation companies offer high-quality translation services for various needs. The notarised translation on the other hand requires more than just a standard translation. For a notarised translation in UK, you will need to declare and certify that the translation had been done according to the procedures. This declaration is not required in normal translation.

Notarised translation is requires for documents like:

  • Diplomas
  • Degree certificates
  • Professional qualifications
  • Other administrative documents

Obtaining a notarised translation in the UK can include additional steps. For example, if you wish to use the document abroad, it may need approval from the Foreign Office. Other countries can also request a consular legislation as well as the notarised translation; however, notaries should be able to arrange this all for you.

Qualified and Certified Translators

Translation AZ has certified and qualified translators who are up for the job. Our professional translators are well-versed in the native language as well as English making them a perfect choice for notarised translations. From birth certificates to death certificates and everything in between, we translate and notarise all of it. Our translators are well-versed with the humdrum of a notary and can help you out easily. We are affiliated with ATA, NAJIT, ITI, and GALA.

Our translation team comprises of highly qualified and experienced translators who have years of experience in providing notarised translation in UK. They are native speakers of the languages they translate in. We can help you get quick and certified translation of your documents and get it notarised.

Notarised Translation UK Prices

Our translation services are one of the best in the UK. We not only offer quality but highly affordable translation service as well. We offer affordable notarised translation service in UK. Our prices are fairly reasonable and best in the industry. We understand the need for high quality translation service and cater to the need of a wide range of industries.

With three simple steps you can get your document translation process started. Send us your document and get a quote. Once you approve the quote the translation will be done and sent to you via mail or email. We have been providing notarised translation in UK for years and can help you through the process without hassle.

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