At present, there is a high demand for certified document translation services in the UK. Clients from different industries like finance, travel, hospitality, medical, manufacturing, and others greatly seek document translations to bridge the communication gaps. The reputed translation agencies in the UK, understand the increasing demands and thus offer reliable document translations at competitive prices.

However, sometimes the document translation services seem more expensive than other translations. Well, there are a number of factors which contribute to the pricing of certified document translation services in the UK. Below here, some important factors have been discussed, which profoundly influence the document translations pricing.

certified document translation services

  • Word Count – Mainly, the document translation services are demanded to translate certificates like birth, death, marriage, diploma, degrees, and others. For certificate translation, there is a fixed pricing per page. But if the document to be translated is different from a certificate, then here the translation agency will charge as per the number of word counts involved in the document. Well, the more is the word count of your document, the higher is the pricing of translation.
  • Target language – The target language is the language to which you need to translate your document. The pricing of document translations is directly dependant on the target language. If the target language is one of the toughest languages in the world, there are high chances the agency will charge you higher rates than usual. Mainly, document translations which involve Mandarin, Arabic, Thai, Korean, and Japanese are very expensive.
  • Type of document – If your document is related to the legal or official sector, the translation charges will be a bit higher than average. Well, the logic is very straightforward. The tough is the document; the higher are the translation rates. So, the pricing of certified document translation services also depends on the type of the document.
  • Deadline – This is one of the crucial factors which substantially determine the pricing of document translation. On an average, a reputed translation agency in the UK takes 2-3 business days to deliver translation services to the clients. But in case, there is an emergency, and you need the translated piece by today, then you need to request the deadlines accordingly. For same-day services, the translation agencies often charge higher rates.
  • Formatting – Formatting is the most difficult task which is associated with document translations. If the translated piece is not formatted as per the original layout, there are high chances it may get rejected instantly. Thus, for formatting the document, the translation agencies often charge extra amount, beyond the estimate. So, when formatting is requested, the pricing of document translation increases.

These five factors effectively contribute to the pricing of document translations in the UK. It’s better to clear the pricing things before initiating the translation process.

In case, you got any further queries, feel free to discuss with the project managers.