There is a huge difference in document translations and official translations. The individuals use document translations to fulfil their personal needs and objectives. While the official translations are strictly used for official purposes. When you need to submit a piece of translation to a government office, or a federal, a court or an institutional review board, you need an official translation.

At present, there is a high demand for official translations UK. Whether it’s about translating a birth certificate or an employment contract, an official translation always comes in handy. But not every translator can deliver official translations, as it requires adequate knowledge of administrative things and native language fluency. The translator must be certified and qualified to deliver official document translations, else the translated piece will be of no use. To ensure proper accuracy, the official translations come with a signed statement of accuracy by the translator.

official translation UK

In case, you are looking to avail official translation services for your documents in the UK; it is recommended to follow the below-mentioned facts.

  • Hire a reputed translation agency – No matter, how much you try, it is complicated to translate the official documents. You can’t translate the documents on own, so you need to hire a trustable translation agency for your work. Translation AZ is a reputed translation agency in the UK, which has got experienced translators for official translations. You can send your official documents to us and receive the translations in minimum turnaround time.
  • Make sure the translators are experienced and certified – Remember, only a certified translator can deliver valid and authentic official translations. When you hire a translation agency, first check whether its translators are capable of offering official translations or not. It is recommended to check the previous official translations of the translators. We understand the need for experienced and certified translators, and thus hire the translators accordingly.
  • Ask for delivery within the deadlines – Official translations are mainly submitted in the government offices or regulatory institutions. There is always a deadline for the submission of official documents in the government offices. In such situations, you must request the translators to deliver you the translated piece before the deadlines. At Translation AZ, we understand the importance of deadlines, thus submit the official translations without any delay.
  • Ensure zero error in the translated official document – When you are availing official translations in the UK, make sure the translated piece is free of errors. In case, any error is found in your official translation; there are chances you may have to face critical consequences as well as penalties. We at Translation AZ proofread and format all our official translations before delivering them to the clients. Thus, there is no need to worry about any errors or mistakes.
  • Sign a confidentiality clause – When the official documents are highly confidential, you must request a confidentiality agreement with the translation agency. Without an agreement, it is not convenient to share the documents with the translators. There are chances; your information might get leaked by the translation agency. At Translation agency, we greatly value the privacy of our clients, thus our translators never hesitate to sign the confidentiality clause.

With these five check factors, you can avail the best official translations in the UK. In general, the official translations are offered in just 2-3 business days. In case, there is an emergency; it is recommended to request same-day services.

At Translation AZ, we offer official translations for birth certificates, death certificates, driver’s license, employment contracts, school transcripts, diploma certificates, consent forms, and others. For more information, talk to our project managers today.