Terms & Conditions

Refund Policy and Terms & Conditions

Refund You will be refunded 100% if any of the following is true:

Non –delivery of Translations – due to various circumstances, the translation is not delivered to you on the promised deadline;

Translation not as required – a request based on this reason will be satisfied on a case-by case basis. Example of a translation/transcription not as required would be Translation AZ sending you a translated document that is in the wrong target language.

Translation contains gross errors – You are to first ask for revisions to correct any errors found by indicating them specifically in the translated document by adding comments (Sticky Notes and/or Track Changes).

The request for a refund is received by Translation AZ in writing (email or fax).

We always honor our guarantees. We try to investigate and process refunds within 7 business days of receipt of the refund requests, but in rare case, this process may take up to 2 weeks to process. Please send all refund requests to: info@translationaz.com.

Translation AZ would like to assure all prospective and current clients that we will do our best efforts to avoid such situations.


Price for services and turn-around time is determined on a project by project basis and will be as stated in your official quote for services sent by Translation AZ

All deliverables will be automatically sent back to you to the email on records, unless specifically asked for hard copies to be mailed.

Hard copies shall only be provided upon request, at an extra cost

Unless otherwise specified in your official quote for services, the project will be delivered as a Word and/or PDF file.