Transcription Services in UK

Translation AZ provides unique and accurate transcription services in the UK. Irrespective of the language pair and form of the document, we can transcribe a copy for you with utmost perfection. Be it a precise executive summary or a comprehensive complete transcript, you can rest assured on the able shoulders of our expert professionals. Our native transcription professionals have thorough command over their language and also English. In addition to that, we also use the standard software for the transcription purpose which ensures the original formatting stays intact.

Quick and Accurate Transcription

Translation AZ can provide all kinds of transcription services. From the basic verbatim of a meeting to a complete transcription of a book or manual, our experts are up to the task. We make sure your project is assigned to an experienced transcriptionist from your industry of operation. The fluency in the native language helps our expert professionals to get to the core of the received file and write accurately.


Confidential Transcription Services

Our team of expert professionals makes sure that the transcriptions are completely confidential. From the signing of confidentiality documents to encrypted conversations, we take every possible step to ensure the confidentiality of your work.

Founded in 2009, Translation AZ has an experience of working in the transcription industry. All our professionals adhere to strict industry standards making the copy error-free yet quick. Get in touch with us to get a free quote on our transcription services in the UK.