Voiceover and Subtitling in UK

Translation AZ has a multilingual voiceover studio that works with the best translation, management, and voice talent to deliver your message in the most authentic manner. In addition to that, the team of technical experts and translation experts work holistically to produce perfectly synchronized subtitles. We are the voiceover and subtitling service provider you were looking for. Our team is comprised of voiceover artists who have the perfect accent for any language and subtitling experts with a knack for technology as well as fluency in the language.

Authentic Accent

At Translation AZ, we make sure that the voiceover professionals are native or completely bi-lingual to get the best results. As your trusted voiceover and subtitling service provider in the UK, we make sure you get the message across in a way everyone can understand. Not just the native voiceover artists, but we also have native translators for the job. A holistic approach makes the end result one that would help you reach a global audience easily. Irrespective of the language pairs and type of voiceover, you can trust us to deliver a seamless result. We use standard industry practices to ensure the highest quality voiceover.


Well Synchronised Subtitles
Subtitling requires a lot of patience and a thorough understanding of the given video. We assign projects to native professionals who are well-acquainted with the culture and language. This helps in delivering the best subtitles. In addition to that, all our subtitling professionals are well-trained with the standard industry practices and software used. This ensures a high-quality result. With a complex internal infrastructure, we make sure the subtitles are in perfect synchronisation.
Translation AZ is the subtitling agency you have been looking for. Get in touch with us to get a quote.