Translating is more than speaking a second language. It involves Knowledge, Research and Experience. We have them all! Let us put our expertise to work for you!

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Translation AZ is a rapidly growing translation agency in the UK. Founded in May 2009, we have offices both in the USA and Europe. We have approached the UK market in June 2014 and we have been successfully providing certified translation services for UK businesses and persons. With certified and experienced native translators who specialise in their industries, we provide you the finest translations you need for business or personal use. We are rated around the top ranked translation companies in UK, and strive to bring better service in future also.

Translation of documents of any kind of communication medium has become crucial for any business. A certified translation in UK is what companies need for an effective communication content whether its document, video, audio or anything. We use tested and reliable industry-expert linguist and translators who can translate your content in language. For any expanding business, a translation agency in UK such as ourselves can help you prepare an effective communication documents.

We offer multiple levels of service based on individual client’s needs. We ensure accuracy and quality through multi-step translation and review process. Whether you are a company or an individual, we can cater to your unique needs and meets your requirements.

Certified Translation in UK

Translation AZ offers certified translation services in UK. We have accreditation and membership from ATA, NAJIT, and ITI & GALA Associations. We strive to provide you with an accurate and reliable translation service that is accepted by major offices. Certification is essential for an authentic translation service. It ensures that your documents are translated following the strict translation rules and guidelines. We offer certified translation in UK to companies and individuals looking for a reliable service they can come back to. Whether it is a business document or birth certificate or any other kind of documents, you can rely on our services.

Official Translation Services

We offer official translation services in UK for document submission on federal or government offices, a court of law, an embassy, institute of education, institutional review board (IRB) or other formal authority. We provide translation of a wide range of documents and certificate like school transcripts, diplomas, driver’s license, birth and death certificates, and others, which you can successfully submit in the government offices.

Fast Turnaround

Time is essential for any business. Being one of the fastest growing translation companies in UK, we offer the fastest turnaround time. We have translator and linguist expert in various languages and can translate, transcribe and localize your documents and media easily. With our fast services you can keep your business communication efficient and smooth. With such an efficient team, no matter what your work volume is, we can comfortably keep pace with your content needs. For individuals who are looking for quick translation assistance can rely on Translation AZ, one of the best translation companies in UK.

Competitive Prices

Translation AZ offers easy and highly affordable translation services in UK. We have a flexible pricing that allows us to provide our services to business of all sizes from small to large. We have a transparent per-word pricing that is only a fraction of the cost of the transition translation services in the UK. If you are a start-up, our competitive prices can help your business in new market. We don’t have any add-ons or minimum spend. You pay what you see.

Human quality Translation Ensured

Machine translation is making headlines, but nothing can compare to the quality, and understanding of human quality translation. Translation requires important considerations, such as cultural context, dialect and a thorough knowledge of the language. We have a team of translators and linguist who are expert in many languages. Our Translators are certified and native speakers, which helps us in translating your document in a manner that is appealing to the global audiences.

  • DTP



Training Manuals, User manuals, Employee Handbooks, Flyers & Brochures, Clinical Trials Insurance Certificate and much more…


Official Translations accepted by the UK Home Office, Criminal Courts, School Institutions, Healthcare facilities, Law Firms and much more...


Immigration Documents, School Transcripts, Medical Records, Official Documents, Resumes, Passports, Driver Licenses, Letters, Pay Slips, Certificates and much more...


Software, Applications, Websites

We can localize your software, applications, and websites into target languages to make communication easier. For businesses, having website in many languages is a boon. In many countries English isn’t spoken as their first language. By getting your online content translated in the target language, you can easily make it accessible to the people of a particular country.


Transcribe video and audio recordings with us: Legal, Personal, Technical, Medical, Business and much more.

Multimedia translation has become such as important part of any business and for other purposes as well. We can transcribe your videos and audio recordings in a way that your target audiences can understand them very well. When you communicate with your target audiences in their own language, it is easier to communicate. Trust our talented translators and linguist and our entire team to make your content more appealing for your target audiences.

Professional Translation Services For Your Industry

Translation AZ has handled a wide range of subject, content or project type. We cater to all kinds of industry and can help you translate, transcribe and localize any type of content. We have translators from every industry. They are the industry expert who can translate your content using industry-terms that are most relevant and help your brand become a household name.


Translating needs the right knowledge and experience regarding the native culture.

It’s not just about knowing a second language, it’s more than that. Luckily, we have the perfect mix of knowledge, experience and research! We can help you find the perfect way of communicating with a global audience.


Meet the awesome people behind our wall

Andreea Saramet
Andreea Saramet
(CEO, Project Manager & Translator)

I founded Translation AZ in 2009. I specialise in Customer Relations, QA, and Project Management.
Email: andreea@translationaz.com
Phone: 800 620 4789

Demi Saramet
Demi Saramet
(CEO, Project Manager & QA Specialist)

I co-founded Translation AZ with Andreea. I overlook as a Quality Assurance Specialist and Project Manager. I take care of the daily work flow and make sure the QA procedures are in line.
Email: info@translationaz.com
Phone: 455656565

Christian Navarette
Christian Navarette
(Spanish English Translator & Proofreader)

I am working with Translation AZ since 2014. I am a certified and qualified translator in Spanish, my native language. I work with Latin America Spanish and English translations and transcriptions. I am proud of my highly detail-oriented work.

Nandi Genovesio
Nandi Genovesio
(Spanish English Translator & Editor)

I work with Translation AZ from 2014 as Spanish to English translator and proofreader. I work along the lines of Latin American Spanish. I am dedicated to quality and love formatting the documents to perfectly match the original ones!

Email: info@translationaz.com
Phone: 455656565

Cecile Guillard
Cecile Guillard
(French English Translator & Proofreader)

I am with Translation AZ from 2015. My niche is the language pair of French EU <>English US & UK. I have an experience of over 10 years in the field. I am highly particular of details. I am proud of 100% customer retention due to the quality I provide owing to the extensive research and glossaries I keep.

Claudiu Pirlog
Claudiu Pirlog
(French English Translator & Proofreader)

I am working with Translation AZ since 2012. I work with the language pair of French Eu/Canadian <>English. I enjoy my work and work with dedication to maintain the top standard with my translations. Technical Translations are my niche. Along with my wife Cati Pirlog, I make a great team to provide the best possible translations to the clients.

Raluca Vladescu
Raluca Vladescu
(Romanian English Translator & Proofreader)

I am working with Translation AZ for about 3 years. My niche language pair is Romanian <>English. I work as a certified translator in this language pair. With several years of experience, I focus on delivering the best quality translations on time.

Ivan Videnov
Ivan Videnov
(French English Translator, Proofreader & Transcriber)

I joined Translation AZ in 2015. I work as a French Canadian <>English translator. I specialise in this language pair. I believe in providing high-quality translations which are true to the details.

Cati Pirlog
Cati Pirlog
(French English Translator & Proofreader)

I am working with Translation AZ since 2012. French Eu /Canadian <>English translations are my niche. I work with complete dedication and focus on providing high-quality translations. I specialise in Legal Translations. I make a great team with my husband Claudiu, a specialist in Technical Translation, to provide the best translations.

Olivia Orha
Olivia Orha
(Spanish English Translator & Proofreader)

I am Olivia Orha, and I work as Spanish <>English translator with Translation AZ. I am a certified translator with several years of experience. This experience helps me in providing the best experience to the clients.

Moshe Natari
Moshe Natari
(German English Translator & Proofreader)

I started working with Translation AZ since 2014. My niche language pair is German <>English. I research in a dedicated manner on every translation and technicalities to provide the highest quality translations. I am passionate and deliver error-free translations.

Yaowanute Theankhasinsakul
Yaowanute Theankhasinsakul
(Burmese English Translator, Proofreader & DTP Specialist)

I am working with Translation AZ since 2012. I specialise in Burmese <>English translations. In addition to that, I also work with DTP and proofreading. I love translating my language and hence, focused on providing high-quality translations on time.


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